Tentang Fourcolours Films
Fourcolours Films is an independent production company based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia and founded by Director Eddie CAHYONO, Producer/Director Ifa ISFANSYAH and Producer Narina SARASWATI. In the beginning, Fourcolours Films was just an ordinary independent film community established in a city, Jogjakarta, with no film industry, no tools, and no human resources. Born in 2001, the year when Indonesian film industry at the lowest level by the number of productions per year. At that time there was only enthusiasm and passion. Fourcolours founders believed that it was their responsibility to create a film atmosphere in Jogjakarta, their hometown. After several years, there is now a lot of youngsters developing film communities, watching, discussing, making or distributing independent films. Currently Jogjakarta is the center of Indonesian new wave for the independent film scene in Indonesia.

Since its creation in 2001, Fourcolours Films have been actively producing short films that where awarded in festivals like Rotterdam, Busan, Hamburg, Tokyo, Tampere etc. After ten years of processing, Fourcolours Films started producing feature films in 2012 with Ifa ISFANSYAH productions ONE DAY WHEN THE RAIN FALLS (Ifa ISFANSYAH, IFFR 2013), SITI (Eddie CAHYONO, Telluride FF 2015 & Best Picture for FFI 2015) and TURAH (Wicaksono WISNU LEGOWO, SGIFF 2016 & Indonesian Official Entry for OSCAR 2018). The involvement and activism carried out by Fourcolours Films in Jogjakarta inspires many new filmmakers in Indonesia. Fourcolours Films continues supporting local filmmakers and producing them.