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Genre Drama | Format HD | Aspect Ratio 2.35 | Est Running Time 100 min | Budget 250.000 USD | Producer Ifa Isfansyah | Co-producer Isabelle Glachant | Writer & Director Eddie Cahyono | Partner Attached Shasha & Co Production, France

About The Film


After 4 years abroad, Imah is about to arrive home when she is murdered. While her husband, Wegig, is chocked, her young daughter, Merah isn’t even upset, having no recollection of her. Wegig starts looking for the killer, while remembering her life. As he finally finds the murderer, his mother in law ask him to kill the guy.

The story begins when Wegig (35), a young Indonesian fisherman, is out at sea for three days and nights. He hasn’t seen his wife for three years and is haunted by dreams and memories of her. His wife Imah (33) has been living in Hong Kong as a migrant worker, but her life there hasn’t been easy. She lives alone, and longs to be with her daughter, Merah (8) who suffers from impaired hearing, and her mother, Mbok Ijah (65). But their separation has been hard on Wegig too. He hasn’t had any news from her, and often has visions of their reunion. In his solitude, she appears to him in daydreams and reveries. He makes promises to her of fulfilling their dreams to buy a house on the riverbank. Out at sea, he lives in his own world of dreams and has little idea what has happened in reality. When he gets back to land, he finds out from Merah that the police are looking for him. Imah has been found dead in an old well, and they need him to confirm the identity of the body. Shocked by the sudden and unexpected news, Wegig is forced to deal with the police as well as his distraught mother-in-law, Mbok Ijah, who blames him for her daughter’s death ask Wegig to find the murderer.


Eddie Cahyono

Eddie Cahyono


Graduated from Indonesian Arts Institute Yogyakarta. He started making a short film, BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT, that gained many awards in film festival. His last film, SITI, won Best Performance in Singapore IFF, Best Scriptwriter Shanghai IFF and Special Mention Jury Award of Five Flavour Poland and Toronto Asian Reel also screened in a number of film festival including Telluride Film Festival. SITI won Best Scoring – Best Script – Best Film Indonesian Film Festival (Indonesian Oscar) 2015.