Feature Film


Project Status : In Post Production

Expected Release : May 2020

Title : Lahira: The Haunting of Birth

Genre : Horror, Drama

Producer : Ifa Isfansyah, Gadis Delilah Maxworthy, Amriy R. Suwardi

Director : Amriy R. Suwardi

Scriptwriter : Amriy R. Suwardi

Cast : Boy Muhammad, Nu Maryati, Asih Anandafe, Nazla Thoyib Amir

Partner Attached : Snap Films, WOA Entertainment

Running Time :   75 minutes

About The Film


A rural young married couple are trying to have their baby’s delivery, but unfortunately there are dark and  demonic entities who follows their entire journey. A young husband, has to bring his wife to the hospital in the  city urgently, because the Shaman in his village is unable to handle their baby’s delivery. But apparently, they are not the only ones who have been waiting for the birth of the baby. Throughout this young couple’s journey,  they are being watched and followed by mysterious figures and demonic presence.