Feature Film


Release : January 2020

Title : Abracadabra

Genre : Black Comedy, Drama

Producer : Ifa Isfansyah

Director : Faozan Rizal

Scriptwriter : Faozan Rizal

Cast : Reza Rahadian, Asmara Abigail, Landung Simatupang, M. Adhiyat,  Salvita Decorte, Dewi Irawan, Jajang C Noer

Running Time :   96 minutes

About The Film


Pakis is a young girl from a fishing community of the Bajau  tribe in Wakatobi, Sulawesi. part of the Coral Triangle. She lives with her mother, Tayung. As Pakis’ father has been  lost at sea, Tayung works hard to support her daughter. Pakis, however, is determined to search for her father, a quest which brings the two into conflict. Pakis regularly  visits a local shaman, who conducts a ritual allowing Pakis to search for her father in a mirror’s surface. Eventually Pakis is able to realise that her father is dead and continues  with her life.

  • In Competition, Busan IFF 2011.
  • Bright Young Talent, Mumbai IFF 2011.
  • Best Environmental Film, Tokyo IFF 2011.
  • Special Mention, Wind of Asia Tokyo InternaIFF 2011.
  • Special Mention, Cinemanila IFF 2011.
  • In Competition Generation K-Plus, Berlinale IFF 2012.
  • FIPRESCI award, Hong Kong IFF 2012.
  • Opening Film for Cines Del Sur Film Festival, Granada, Spain 2012.
  • Special Mention, Festival Femme de Creteil, France, 2013.
  • Best Directing, China International Children’s Film Festival 2013