Feature Film

Release Date : 17 June 2019

Expected Release : Early 2020

Title : Montain Song

Genre : Drama

Producer : Ifa Isfansyah, Rahmadiyah Tria Gayathri

Director : Yusuf Radjamuda

Scriptwriter : Yusuf Radjamuda

Partner Attached : Halaman Belakang FIims

Cast : Alqusyairi Radjamuda, Laramputi Radjamuda, Ferdamayan, Sado Toringolu

Running Time : 76 minutes

About The Film


A film about mother and son relationship in secluded area in the mountains of  Pipikoro (South Sulawesi). The village is so isolated and the acces is too bad.  Everyone who was ill should be taken from the mountain to the low land area using stretcher then sent to hospital in the city. Many of them even died on the  way to the hospital. Since he did not want to be away from his mother, he will always be there wherever his mother should be taken to the lower land by stretcher. Until he would not feel lonely anymore. The mother began teaching  him a song which she believed that the song could bring tranquility and happiness when he is alone.

  • Best Scriptwriter New Talent Competition, Shanghai  International Film Festival 2019
  • In Competition, World Cinema Amsterdam 2019.
  • In Competition, Bologna Asian Film Festival 2019.