Mountain Song

in post-production

Genre Drama | Format HD | Aspect Ratio 2.35 | Est Running Time 80 min | Project Status In Post Production | Producer Ifa Isfansyah | Co-producer Debby Wage | Writer & Director Yusuf Radjamuda | Partner Attached Kedai Film, Halaman Belakang Production

About The Film


Gimba (male,6 years old), a timid child, lived with Mom (45 years) who suffered disease in secluded area in the mountains of Pipikoro (South Sulawesi), the village is so isolated and the acces is too bad. Everyone who was ill should be taken from the mountain to the low land area using stretcher then sent to hospital in the city. Many of them even died on the way to the hospital.

Gimba’s father is one of them. Since then Gimba did not want to be away from his mother. He will always be there wherever his mother should be taken to the lower land by stretcher, Gimba would not feel lonely anymore. She began teaching him a song which she believed that the song could bring tranquility and happiness when he is alone. Mom left Gimba in a shade which is located between the villages and rice fields. He sat all the time in the shade and watched people keep moving taking ill person by using stretcher on foot from the high land to the lower area and ended with the patient was taken back from the hospital because she or he was dead. He also met a mysterious girl named Lara, a six-years old. Gimba started to enjoy sitting in the shade, looking at people who were talking ill person go and back while expecting to meet Lara who always turned up and missing from the forest.

Yusuf Radjamuda

Yusuf Radjamuda


Yusuf radjamuda, grows and works in Palu. In 2010, he attended a workshop Kickstart! Palu organized by In-Docs. Some of his short films were screened in Film Festival Solo, Film Festival Malang. International Film Festifal, Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival. His last short film: “Backyards”got several awards in Indonesia,among others; Dewantara Cup – Film Appreciaton Indonesia in 2013, Ladrang Award-Solo Film Festival2013, Best Director France-Cinema Festival 2013. Screened at international film festivals such as Hanoi IFF 2014 and competed in the Dubai International Film Festival 2013, Vladivostok IFF 2014, Tissa IFF Morocco 2014, Experimenta Bangalore India, 2015.