Feature Film


Project Status : In Development

Title : Nana

Genre : Drama

Producer : Ifa Isfansyah

Director : Kamila Andini

Scriptwriter : Kamila Andini & Ahda Imran

Partner Attached : Titimangsa Foundation

Estimated Production : Mid of 2020

Est Running Time : 110 minutes

About The Film


This is story of a woman and her daughter. About time travel that changes many things, but for a woman many things  don’t change and still continue. This story is five sequence stories about one life journey, about someone we call ‘Mamih’. First sequence about the journey. It is journey of Mamih during evacuation from Garut to Bandung because  her lost husband is still not coming back yet. Second sequence tells about the tumultuous story of Red Cross. Difficulties of life, seeing other difficulties, but mainly when someone named Darga who comes to propose her. Third sequence about the story at the plantation and her marriage with Mr. Darga, daily life, bustle of Mamih and her  children. This is the climax of Mamih’s anger with her life. Fourth sequence is story in a small cafe, when she meets her long-lost ex-husband again. Until finally she decides to back to that man. The last sequence is in a bedroom during moving out. Story about Mamy with her daughter Jais Darga. Contradict each other but at the same time mirror each  other.