Kisah di Hari Minggu

Short Film

Release Date : 13 May 2017

Title : Kisah di Hari Minggu

International Title : Kisah di Hari Minggu

Genre : Drama

Producer : Eddie Cahyono

Director : Adi Marsono

Scriptwriter : Adi Marsono

Cast : Rizky Sasono, Erythrina Baskorowati, Ailsa Syahda Valda Archano, Wira Dzaki Rizqullah

Running Time : 8 minutes

About The Film


A housewife is running errands, such as getting the children ready for school and preparing breakfast while her husband is still asleep and shows no care for his wife’s tasks at hand. The wife asks the husband to take the children to school, but the husband continues to sleep. This angers the wife, but she takes the children to school anyway. She doesn’t realize it’s Sunday.

Award Lists:
  • Winner best short film, Indonesia Screen Awards, Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2017
  • Nominee Minikino Film Week, Short Film Festival 2017
  • Nominee Sea Short Film Festival 2017
  • Offcial Selection Austin Film Festival 2018