Jalan Sepanjang Kenangan


Format :HDV/Color/1 : 1.85
Duration: 30 minutes
Director :Eddie Cahyono
Scriptwriter : Eddie Cahyono, Bagus Sumartono
Producer : Eddie CahyonoAgra Aghasa
Cast : Adi Marsono, Kotty


About The Film


Susi is pregnant. Because of ngidam (javanese;a baby need something) she ask Slamet, her husband, for hang out to the memories place when they was a young couple. Slamet jelous because he remerber something about Susi’s ex-boyfriend. That journey is not interesting anymore. Susi very sensitif because she is pregnant and Slamet always talk about her bad memories. This is film about a marriage couple with the memories of themself.


  • Best Short Fiction Film / Festival Film Pendek Konfiden 2007