Rumah dan Musim Hujan

Duration: 90 minutes
Director : Ifa Isfansyah
Scriptwriter : Ifa Isfansyah
Partner Attached : Falcon Pictures, Hubert Bals Fund, Film Regions International

About The Film


Meticulous family story set in an old Javan house. Outside, it’s raining incessantly. The story’s three parts, each with a relative as protagonist, reveal contradictions between faith, generations and views of the future. Atmospheric film about old and new Indonesia.

In three chapters, the relationships are sketched within one Indonesian family. The first scenes are set in the father’s house, just after the dinner which ends the fast. The family is sitting at the table, minus mother: son Ragil with another new girlfriend, son Raga who still lives at home and daughter Ade. After the departure of the others, Raga and his father are left behind. Their visibly loving relationship, portrayed calmly and implicitly, is overshadowed by a secret.
Chapter two is set on the way to, and in, the house of the divorced mother, where the daughter Ade lives and experiences events that transcend normal reasoning. The last part looks at Ragil, girlfriend Sukma and an ex-girlfriend who suddenly turns up. Although each chapter is told in the same calm tempo, they are different in character and tone and we see three films in one: drama, horror and comedy – always with an unexpected turn.