86 minutes | Fiction | DCP | Colour| 24fps | 2.35 | 5.1 | 2017

Director/Scriptwriter: Kamila Andini

Producer: Gita Fara, Ifa Isfansyah, Kamila Andini

Executive Producer: Garin Nugroho, Trisno, Anggi Frisca, Vida Sylvia, Retno Ratih Damayanti, Eba Sheba, Yasuhiro Morinaga

Cinematographer: Anggi Frisca Dance

Editor: Dinda Amanda

Choreographer: Ida Ayu Wayan Arya Satyani

Sound Designer: Yasuhiro Morinaga

Music Director: Yasuhiro Morinaga

Sound Recordist: Trisno

Make Up: Eba Sheba

Costume Designer: Retno Ratih Damayanti

Cast:  Ni Kadek Thaly Titi Kasih / Ida Bagus Putu Radithya Mahijasena / Ayu Laksmi / I Ketut Rina / Happy Salma / Gusti Ayu Raka


One day in a hospital room, 10-year-old Tantri realises she will not have much more time with her twin brother Tantra. Tantra’s brain is weakening and he has begun to lose his senses one by one. He now spends most of his time lying in bed, while Tantri has to accept the reality that she must soon face life alone. This situation opens up something in Tantri’s mind: she keeps waking up in the middle of the night from a dream and seeing Tantra. The night becomes their playground. Under the full moon, Tantri dances – about her home, about her feelings. As the moon dims and is replaced by the sun, so Tantri’s becoming a woman eclipses Tantra’s fading life. Tantri experiences a magical journey and an emotional relationship through body expressions, finding herself between reality and imagination, loss and hope.


Sekala Niskala for Balinese is a life that always contains good things and bad things. Life is all about balance. In English it means ‘The Seen and Unseen’, which also means that they live to believe of anything that you can see, but also everything that you cannot see. This term for me very much reflects myself as an Indonesian, and also as an Asian. We are holistic people who always live within two different poles; religion and culture, reality and myth. Visually I want to play with the words the seen and unseen. By using a story of a twin sister and brother, this movie talks everything about dualism. Tantri’s twin brother, Tantra, is hospitalized for a heavy disease. That moment opens up something in Tantri’s mind, revealing emotions that she never deals before. Her days become silent, and she starts to realize many things happen around her. This film is about dimension of life; this is about dimension of art itself. What is realism? Reality in my culture is surreal. By following a daily life of a girl whose brother is dying, we are following the holistic dimension of her feeling, a surrealism that comes within.


Festival and Awards:

Toronto International Film Festival 2017, In Competition

Busan International Film Festival 2017, Official Selection

Tokyo Filmex 2017, In Competition

Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017, In Competition