Before, Now & Then (Nana)

Year of Production:


Running Time:

103 min


Kamila Andini


Ifa Isfansyah, Gita Fara

Exceutive Producer :

Jais Darga

Co Producer :

Happy Salma


Kamila Andini


Happy Salma, Laura Basuki, Arswendi Nasution, Arawinda Kirana, Ibnu Jamil, Rieke Diah Pitaloka

It is 1960 and a woman, NANA, cannot escape her past. The war and conflict in West Java made her lose her husband who was kidnapped into the forest, Nana’s escape from the gang who wanted to make her a wife. This incident also cost the life of her father, make her fall into poverty, and also lose her child. Nana keeps on having dream about them, even though now Nana has started her new life with RADEN DARGA. His life is good, he is in the middle of the Sundanese people with four children from his second marriage. Even so, dreams about the past keep coming and Nana doesn’t know why.


Although now Nana’s living comfortably in an Menak’s (Rich Family) Family, life is not easy for Nana. Many people around her still consider her a villager, a woman who is only looking for her husband’s wealth. In many events that take place in their house, Nana is well aware that her place is only in kitchen, not be-side her husband. Furthermore, her husband’s patriarchal value and lifestyle at that time, got him involved in relationship with other women. Nana could only be silent, although little by little, ulcers appeared on her head.


Until one day Nana meets INO, one of her husband’s mistresses. A woman who is different from the others. Ino entered Nana’s life like water, freeing Nana from her feelings like a gust of wind. Ino became the only place he could share the past as well as the present. They also support each other. Her friendship with Ino makes Nana’s married life more complex. Until one day, she met her ex-husband who was still alive. The man in her dream. Now Nana’s past merges with her life. And Nana continues to search for what freedom means to herself, a woman.

Festival & Awards

Official Competition 72nd Berlin International Film Festival