Laut Bercermin

Year of Production:


Running Time:

79 min


Kamila Andini


Gita Fara, Garin Nugroho


Kamila Andini


Atiqah Hasiholan, Reza Rahadian, Gita Novalista, Eko Zainal B.A

A mirror and the sea sustains the life of 12-year old Pakis, who lives on the small Indonesian island of KampungBajo. The mirror is a gift left by her father who was lost at sea, and the sea is where she and her mother make their living. With a Bajo ritual using mirror and water, she keeps on waiting to see her father’s reflection, which never appears. One day, Tudo, a dolphin project researcher, came into their lives. When her mother breaks the mirror and falls for young Tudo, Pakis steals the island mirror and despairs. However, she must learn to overcome her sadness on her own.

TMNL Publication Kit REV5

Festival & Awards

    1. Honorable Mention Awards, Global Film Initiative, 2010.
    2. Selected in ‘New Currents’ Competition, Busan International Film Festival, 2011.
    3. ‘Bright Young Talent’ from Young Critics Award, International Competition, Mumbai International Film Festival, 2011.
    4. ‘Earth Grand Prix’ Award for Best Environmental Film, Nature TIFF Competition, Tokyo International Film Festival, 2011.
    5. Special Mention Award, Wind of Asia – Middle East Competition, Tokyo International Film Festival, 2011.
    6. Special Mention Award, Main Competition, Cinemanila International Film Festival, 2011.
    7. Piala Citra, Festival Film Indonesia, 2011:
    • Best Original Story (Kamila Andini)
    • Best Music Direction (Thoersi Argeswara)
    • Special Jury Prize: Best Upcoming Director (Kamila Andini)
    • Special Jury Prize: Best Talent (Gita Novalista)
    1. Selected in ‘Generation K-Plus’ Competition, Berlinale International Film Festival 2012.
    2. Asian Film Awards Nominations 2012:
    • Gita Novalista for Best Newcomer
    • Rachmat Syaiful for Best Cinematography
    1. FIPRESCI award from The International Federation Film Critics, Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2012.
    2. Best Children Film, Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2012.
    3. Film Terpuji Festival Film Bandung 2012:
    • Best Film
    • Best Director (Kamila Andini)
    • Best Art Direction (Tony Trimarsanto and Motty D Setyanto)
    • Best Cinematography (Rachmat Syaiful)
    • Best Poster Design (Tri Wahyu Jatmiko)
    1. Selected as Opening Film for Cines Del Sur Film Festival, Granada, Spain 2012.
    2. Special Mention Award, International Competition, Festival Femme de Creteil, France, 2013.
    3. Best Directing, International Competition, China International Children’s Film Festival 2013.