Kamila Andini


Ifa Isfansyah


Kamila Andini

Yuni is a smart teenage girl with big dreams. She wants to attend university. She thinks everything is possible, then one day she got proposed by a man she barely knows. She rejects the proposal, and then she becomes the talk of her society. The second proposal came, Yuni still believes in her dream, so does the family. But something came up this time. A myth, that a woman cannot reject more than two proposals; otherwise, she will never get married.Facing all this pressure, there are two things that Yuni runs into: a relationship with the shy younger boy in her school name Yoga and poetry from literature class thought by her favorite teacher, Pak Damar. With poetry, Yuni feels she can disappear and hide for a minute from her world. Until Pak Damar, came to her house, become the third guy who proposed to her. Yuni still has two options in her hand; to runaway with Yoga or get married to Pak Damar. Both of the options sound like a good deal. Butdoes marriage always have to be a deal’?